District is located in the mid-western region of Uganda. It shares boarders with Masindi and Buliisa Districts in the North, It has risen to become a major destination for the country thought after investment, following the discovery of crude oil. The district has a total area of 5,735.3 Km2 with a land area of 3,612.17 Km2. The western border is completely covered by Lake Albert amounting to 2,123.13 Km2 of water.The recent discovery of petroleum in the district has created new expectations, subsequently attracting people to engage in the many farm and non-farm activities that tap into the value. Eco shop Uganda seeks to mainstream such value chain in to online market deals to capture other virtual customers for their produce.

The district inhabits one of the key vulnerable chimpanzee species that are commonly found in degraded hot spots in Bulindi area that need to be protected.

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